The Problem of Hospital Readmissions

Reducing hospital readmission rates has become a priority to policymakers as readmissions are common, costly and, at least in theory, a reasonable fraction of them should be preventable. Policymakers therefore believe that reducing readmission rates represents a unique opportunity simultaneously to improve quality of care and reduce costs. As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Congress directed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to penalize hospitals with "worse than expected" 30-day readmission rates. This part of the ACA has motivated hospitals, health systems, professional societies and independent organizations to invest substantial resources into finding and implementing solutions for the "readmissions problem".

avixena provides unique Readmission Risk Assessment Survey tools which were developed after reviewing more than 60,000 inpatient Medicare FFS, Medicare Advantage, D-SNP, and Managed Medicaid admissions. The scoring methodology and analysis was based on a review of 7,000 readmissions, resulting in a scoring system allowing for automatic generation of options, such as a discharge plan. avixena apps are the most advanced assessment tool in their class with >90% specificity and >90% sensitivity. These tools incorporate and quantify the effect on readmission of Social Determinants of Health – availability of transportation, housing, social support system, and insurance. The cost of a single readmission to a hospital averages $13,000. avixena pays for itself by avoiding a single readmission.

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A reliable solution for managing the problems and costs associated with hospital readmissions.

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Readmissions have become a problem for hospitals in financial, competitiveness and patient care related issues.

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