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avixena Population Health Solutions

A SaaS provider of evidence-based decision support tools designed to prevent costly and preventable readmissions, and facilitate post-discharge care.

avixena’s Mission and Vision

avixena provides industry-leading technology solutions to reduce readmissions significantly and lower costs while improving the quality of care.

Our cloud-based platform enables hospitals, extended care facilities, health plans and other risk bearing entities to assess methodically and systematically the risk of each individual patient using avixena’s patent-pending, field-tested, decision support platforms and integrated tools. First of its kind to incorporate and quantify the impact of social determinants of health on readmissions.


Hospitals & Health Systems

The hospital industry has substantial exposure to the negative financial impact of readmissions which can adversely influence consumer choice, brand recognition and financials.


Extended Care Facilities

There is tremendous exposure to the financial impact of readmissions. CMS implemented readmission penalties for SNFs beginning in 2018 that impact 11,000 facilities in the U.S.


Health Plans

Managing intensive-need /high-risk patients is a priority for all health plans.


Other Risk Bearing Entities, ACO's and Self Funded Entities

Entities engaged in shared risk arrangements will significantly benefit from tools to manage intensive-need/high-risk patients. Escalating healthcare costs directly and adversely impact the competitiveness and financial health of all segments of US Industries.

Prevent Unnecessary Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes

Patent Pending. Field Tested. Proven Results.


Readmission Risk Assessments

Five easy and comprehensive tools for Adult, Pediatric and Behavioral Health readmission surveys.Learn more

Care Transition Assessments

Suite of ten products designed to assist with post-discharge care management.Learn more

Home/Community Assessments

Six tools specifically designed for successful transition of care to community providers.Learn more

Team Of Professionals

The avixena Population Health Solutions team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a remarkable record of multiple successful start-ups, multiple turnarounds, and awarded patents. They have years of healthcare experience in careers that span the many forms of state and federal government programs, insurance companies and self-funded payers, managed care organizations, healthcare delivery systems, national consulting firms, information technology, web and software development, mobile technology, and numerous innovative products.


Mehrdad Shafa, MD, MMM, DFACMQ

Chief Executive Officer

      Mario Vassaux

      Chief Innovation Officer

          Dave Balmer

          Director of Development
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